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December 9, 2013


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  • Listening to: Mysterious Universe
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I've decided to just stop updating my DA. This site is just not what i'm looking for when it comes to posting my pictures. I won't delete the account as there's still people that I watch on here, but I won't be posting anything new here myself. 
If you're still interested in my art you can view it on my tumblr account. 
Much love and well wishes to those people i've made friends with while here. If anyone wants to catch me off site, my Skype is Brishelle 

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Prett late to the sadfest but man am I sad :( I love your work & I really don't like tumblr...oh well. Keep up the cool sketches. ^^
ColonelYeo Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really sad to hear you won't be posting here anymore. I always loved seeing your work when you posted something new. :(

I don't really have anything on tumblr, but I suppose this is a good enough reason to try. I would definitely like to see what you've been up to. :)

And It would be nice to try Skyping with you. Though it seems there are a few other accounts that come up under Brishelle. Is there a certain one I should be looking for?
Nope it's just Brishelle
Kind of sad that you wont upload more art here. But since you will be uploading more of your work on tumbler then I guess it's not a big loss.
Still I really enjoyed your art. You are pretty much the 1st MLP artist I've seen who made fanart both erotic, sweet, romantic and tragic at the same time. 
That for me it's a huge accomplishment.
I'm curious: what exactly drove you away from DA?

wait skype? about what?....
fanastyfinder Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awwww I will miss you here!
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